Malahat Farm Activities

There is something for everyone

Malahat Farm at Muir Creek is the perfect place to spend time on Vancouver Island's west coast.

Once you have arrived and unpacked you may want to take a breather for a while and just relax - however with the stunning surroundings on offer it will not be long before you will want to head out and explore the area.

Take a look at a few of the exciting sights that are easily accessible for a great day out in this beautiful location.

Breathe in the sea air

This part of the world has access to an amazing array of beaches, all within about an hour’s trip from your base: there really is a little bit of something for everyone.

Whether you visit Sombrio beach with its fantastic surfing opportunities along with its brilliant wilderness camping zones, or to Sandcut beach which is accessed via a 10 minute hike from the parking lot which leads you to this isolated pebble and stone beach complete with waterfalls.

Mystic beach, just off the Highway 14 north is just that, a breathtaking white sand beach, again with waterfalls, reached via a suspension bridge after a relatively difficult (so not for the faint hearted) 45 minute trek. Two other beaches not to be missed are Botanical and French Beach.

French beach is a sandy beach and offers great opportunities for spotting a variety of wildlife including orca whales, ospreys and bald eagles.

Botanical beach is a truly fascinating landscape and is home to a brilliant range of marine wildlife; great fun for the kids to spot the sea urchins and starfish at low tide - as well as featuring an array of geological marvels.

Take a trip to Sooke

This pretty, sea side town is just a few kilometres down the road from Muir Creek, but offers a wealth of activities to keep you busy. Along with a great range of fabulous restaurants and shops this artisan community also offers the opportunity to kayak in the Sooke basin or take part in a fishing charter and perhaps “catch your own tea”.

If you just want to relax, well you could visit one of the spa’s, take in a local artists studio or wander down to Government Wharf where you can fish for crab or fish from the side.

Take a hike

If you are feeling a little more energetic then this is the area for you, with a brilliant range of hiking trails open to you.

Remember to keep yourself safe though by taking a first aid kit, plenty of water and food as well as a map and, if you are planning to disappear in the wilderness make sure you take a GPS, let someone know where you are planning to go and when you will be back. Also remember to respect the wildlife and the trails and be aware of any dangers that you may encounter.

Plan ahead & enjoy your vacation

As with all vacations it pays to do your research before you set off, so along with checking out all the excursions you might like to take if you are planning to drive check what the specific requirements are for driving in Canada. Normally you will need an up-to-date drivers licence and depending on the hire company possibly an international driver’s permit too. Remember to drive on the right, that our speeds are in kilometres and just take it slow - all will be fine. Along with ensuring you have the right car insurance also double check that any travel insurance you purchase will cover you for all aspects of your trip.

With all the activities on offer including kayaking, hiking and surfing you want the right level of protection, just in case. If you do plan to take the trip across to the Olympic Park in Washington be sure to investigate if you need any additional insurance or permits as you will be entering the United States.

Most of all relax and enjoy your stay with us; we have some truly memorable sights to share with you.